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How to Recognize a True Friend .
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Sometimes it can be hard to recognize a true friend, one who is loyal and one who is worth keeping by your side. Hopefully this article will help you recognize which friends are the keepers.

Be able to trust your friends: You should be able to trust a true friend and they should return this trust. Does your friend confide in you? Tell you secrets that no one else knows? Ask you for advice? These are sure signs that your friend trusts you. However, if your friend hides things from you and acts secretive then this is a sign that they may not trust you, however it could also mean your friend just doesn't like to reveal too much about themselves. Of course, we all need a friend who we can be confident in confiding in. People who trust are usually trustworthy people themselves, we all need a friend we can trust and that trusts us in return.

Consider comfort: Think about it. How comfortable is your friend when they are around you? Watch them, are they being themselves or are they timid around you? Are they acting fake... perhaps hiding an insecurity? True friendships can take a while to develop, but if your friend is true they should feel comfortable around you, and vice versa (You with them).

Consider the Touch barrier: No, this is not meant in a 'romantic' way, by this I mean is your friend comfortable with being close to you? If your friend is fine with hugging you, leaning on you, resting their head on your shoulder, etc, then you can be almost certain they love you (Platonic-ally)and are, therefore, a 'true' friend. If they shy away from physical contact perhaps they are just not comfortable with you yet or they may be insecure, there, be sure to consider all possibilities.

Think about loyalty. True friends are always there for one another. If you are in need of a helping hand your true friends should be there to offer it to you. True friends do not 'back stab' and do not try to get one another into trouble. You should be able to trust a friend with anything, know that they will be by your side. During a fight a true friend will remain loyal and will not reveal your secrets, if you have a friend like this, hold them tight and never let them go!

Look at how you fight: Nearly all best friends fight, so if you and your friend have a little dispute don't sweat it! True friends will find their way through a fight, no matter what the size. True friends will remain 'faithful' to each other even during a fight, i.e. They will not tell each others secrets, they still care about each other. If you have found yourself a true friend it should be easier to sort out your differences and move on from a fight (Depending on the severity of the fight).

Consider how you insult each other: Some friends enjoy insulting each other in a friendly way, but sometimes it may actually be offensive. If you and your friend 'insult' each other without either of you feeling offended, then yes, they are probably a true friend (Or they may just be easy going). If you insult your friend in a playful way, he/she should know that you are not serious, this comes under trust. (Keep in mind, not all best friends do this).

Think about nicknames: A lot of Best/ true friends love to give each other nicknames! If your friend is giving you nicknames then this is a great sign, it shows they care enough to actually think of one for you. If you are given a nickname try to think up one for your friend in return, nicknames should come naturally. Think of the nickname your friend has given you, does it suit you well? If so, this shows your friend must know you quite well and is a good sign. Maybe your nickname isn't such a great one or is insulting, be sure to let your friend know if you are offended by a nickname.

Perhaps you have inside jokes: Best friends usually have a never ending list of inside jokes. Consider the inside jokes you may share with your friends. An inside joke shows that you share a special connection with your friend that others don't. It also shows that you have enough fun and spend enough time with your friend to develop such jokes. An inside joke should be between the two of you, and should also be a cherished memory.

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